Pink Space

Pink Space is an art collective by designer Fanni Suvila and artist Taika Mannila.

Pink Space is about creating creative and dreamy pink spaces to evoke emotion and thoughts. Pink Space is based on Suvila’s and Mannila’s findings on the color pink and its power. The magical aspect of it seems to be coming from a deep need of positive feelings and a space where you can simply enjoy yourself and embrace the love for yourself and others.

Instagram @pinkspaceworld

Natalia Kallio performing her poetry at Pink Space, Flow Festival 2019. Photo by Flow Festival
Taika and Fanni taking a selfie at Pink Space, Flow Festival 2019.
Banner made by Gabriel Boicel for Baby Pink Space pop-up installation in Tiketti Galleria, 2019.
Baby Pink Space opening party at Tiketti Galleria, 2019.
Pink Space at Jackie Bar & Restaurant during Helsinki Design Week 2018. Photo by Andre Pozusis.